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Home News Cars and Vans Boxes Remap

Here at chipboost we have been tuning and remapping since 2004. Both with a selection of tuning boxes and a full remap service.

I am a farmer from North Yorkshire, I studied agriculture at college and took lessons in reverse engineering. Using the very latest equipment we are able to read the factory engine calibration data from the ECU. In most cases this can all be carried out via the onboard diagnostic connector. After making a full data backup we can re calibrate the software to provide improved power, torque and fuel economy. Every machine is custom remapped, power increases can be set to suit you with typical gains between 15-30%

We regularly develop solutions on our own fleet of tractors. Over the years we have had New Holland T6080 and T7.200, Massey 6480 and 7620 and a John Deere 6920s. I don’t just sell a tuning solution, I try, test and use our products daily.

We have been tuning loads of New Hollands lately, Tier4A and Tier4B models, Power set to suit you but often around what it says on the bonnet. Adblue problems can often be sorted also.