Can my car be tuned?
We can tune nearly all cars, some of the best results are from the VAG range. Our equipment also covers Fords. Petrol and Diesel turbo engines see the best gains.
Will my vehicles engine life be reduced?
In a word NO! Each vehicle is tuned to within the manufacturers tolerances and even driven very hard, the engine life would only be reduced by around 5%.
Can my dealer tell its been chipped?
Unless they are looking for it, no, only the data of the ECU is modified.
Is fuel economy effected?
This is dependent on the driver, use all the extra power and yes, but drive sensible and the economy can even increase.
Can the tuning be reversed?
Yes we can reset the file for you for a small fee.
Why should i choose you?
We have tuned over 1000 vehicles, built up many repeat customers over the last 7 years. We are not an agent for other chip tuners so can offer great prices and a personal service.
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