Using the latest equipment we will tune your engine via the OBD port. This is the on board diagnostic port. At no time do we open your electronic control unit and all our software flashes are fully reversible at any time in the future.

Before performing any remapping work a full diagnostic check is carried out to determine the vehicle is in good health and ready for a performance increase.

Next we connect a laptop and specialist byteshooter cables to read a copy of the original file, this is stored so you can have the original data reinstalled at any time in the future. After speaking to the customer we can then modify the appropriate "maps" and upload a tuned file designed just for you.  

Special Offers: Vag 1.9 TDI £200 / Vag 2.0 TDI £250 / Vag 1.8T £200 /

Vag 2.0 TFSI £250

Ford TDDI £250 / Ford TDCI £250 


We are very happy to announce that we can now remap all Ford TDDI and TDCI. Click here to contact us.

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Current manufactures we can work with.